Livello Replenisher

Building a fleet management app for smart fridges

  • UX/UI & Native Development
  • Q1 2019
  • Sketch, React, React Native, Expo

In January 2019 I helped out my friends at Livello again, this time to work on their fleet management app, which is used by their workforce to replenish their smart fridges on location.

Livello is a Food-Tech IoT startup that provides smart fridges to companies and universities. Fridges can be opened by your smartphone and the products inside are recognized by RFID readers and load cells.

I was brought in to design and develop the replenisher app around a complex process that involves several parties—such as drivers, managers, and admins.

Designing between the poles of a simple replenishment flow and a straightforward technological implementation was of importance. After designing the app in close contact with the Livello team, I developed it using React Native (+Expo).

Two recurring visual elements. Floating buttons are used for currently available actions.
A core feature of the app: getting crucial real-time information of a fridge with one glance.

Scanning Products

To add the physical products to the database, the replenisher has to scan the RFID-Tags of each product batch using the phone’s camera.

On Location

When the replenisher arrives, they can administer the fridges and keep track of the new inventory.

One codebase, two platforms

The app was designed initially for Android, the styles for iOS were designed entirely in code.