• Professional early adopter.
  • Open Source on default.
  • Didn’t buy Bitcoin in 2011.
Some of the companies I’ve worked with.
Some of the companies I’ve worked with.

Hello, I’m Fabian — a product designer and developer based in Potsdam, Germany.

I’ve been working both as a product designer and frontend developer for over 5 years now. I particularly enjoy working with companies that try to meet broad and unique user needs.

Outside of working as a freelancer and studying at FHP, I try to push out Side Projects regularly.

Using the power of design, I want to help make technology usable and accessible for everyone — hence my fondness for the web.

I’m into working iteratively on projects, owning problems and solving them through interdisciplinary work and teams. For me it’s crucial to act at the intersection of design & code, sharpening my skills continuously in every direction.

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